Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Roswell Uncovered on Sci-fi.com

I think the whole draw of the Roswel incident is that - if a UFO did actually crash and aliens were aboard - it's quite possibly one of the biggest findings in the history of mankind. Minus, of course, the invention of soap, electricity and the wheel.

No joke. Well, maybe a little. But, it's pretty damn interesting to say the least.

If this incident actually occurred, the bible and its philosophies about our existence are, pretty much, thrown out the window. Unless, of course, you interpret the 'antichrist' in Revelations as the arrival of aliens to the Earth.

Non-believers finally have some hard evidence thrown in front of their face. And, finally, we have some hard truth that there is life on other planets. It would change our whole philosophy about life and how we live. Perhaps even for the better. Now how cool would that be?

That said, I came across this site on Sci-Fi.com with never-before-seen witness testimonies on the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

I kind of figured army veterans would be too scared of the government to talk about the incident until, basically, they were on their death beds. Check out the Sgt. Homer Rowlett's daughter's testimony (second from the top). It's pretty interesting.

Also, Jack Trowbridge's testimony about handling the UFO material from the crash is, in my opinion, completely believable. If he was handed a script, I don't know of any actor that could pull off the stutters and pauses of an old-man trying to recollect what happened more than 60 years ago. Plus, the guy already looks like a loon to people who don't believe. In my opinion, he had more to lose than to gain from doing this interview.

It's rumored that the dead aliens from Roswell were shipped to Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio, for further examination after the crash. People say the bodies are still there to this day.

Last weekend, I approached my dad - who worked at Wright Pat in the late 60's.

"Hey Dad, did you ever see any dead aliens at Wright Pat?"

He stared straight ahead like I hit him with a ton of bricks. Then, he started to sweat profusely. All of a sudden, he dashed over to the window, drew the shades and proceeded to light up a cigarette.

After taking two long drags, he seemed to regain his composure.

"Promise me something, son," he said as he inhaled his Marlboro Light. "Never, ever speak of the grays again. You understand me, boy?"

I nodded.

Then he opened the door, walked outside and glanced up into the sky.

Very interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

Usually don't agree with your 'insight' but I'm right with you on this one.

cbrown said...

I watched the first two videos; the third cut out on me and stated 'not found' after about 15 secs. The rest of them wouldn't come up at all.


Meh, maybe...

Your Finest Eimer said...

Nope, I don't think it's a coincidence at all. (Insert Twilight Zone music here).

Eric Wiley said...

My great uncle was a general posted at Wright Patterson. He used to play a joke on us when we were kids - he would crook his finger and when we pulled it he would fly around the room.

Your Finest Eimer said...

You sure this wasn't your great uncle Harry Potter?

Eric Wiley said...

No, Duh! What I was trying to *infer* was that he learned the trick from the alien prisoners which he had access to because of his high ranking position in the military.

In the beginning he viewed them as the enemy but gradually softened and took sympathy on them. His wife, my Great Aunt, used to make them apple pie and send it in to work with him. In return, they taught him to fart-n-fly.