Monday, September 17, 2007

Six Pieces of Proof That Bigfoot Lives.

Perhaps the most widely viewed piece of Big Foot footage is the Patterson piece. It's on t-shirts. It's faked on more than 1,000 You-Tube videos. It's the image everyone sees in their mind when they think of Big Foot. It's also the most plausible piece of footage that Bigfoot exists.

On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin were in Northern California when they spotted a mysterious furry figure behind an overturned tree. Patterson's horse reared at the sight (or smell) of the beast. Thus, it took about twenty seconds for Patterson to hop off his horse, get his camera and run toward the figure in full journalism/paparazzi mode. And where was Gimlin the entire time? Apparantly, trying to set his rifle sights on the hairy creature. (Although some naysayers believe Gimlin was inside the Bigfoot outfit.) The entire encounter only lasted a total of two minutes, but the legend of Bigfoot still lives on thanks to Patterson's handy cinematography.

View the infamous Patterson footage right here.

Les Stroud, writer, producer, cinematographer of the hit Discovery Science show Survivorman was filming a show in the Alaskan Wilderness. On Day Five of his journey, he awoke to a "very loud grunting noise from about fifty yards away". He said it sounded nothing like a bear, but a LARGE GORILLA. Very interesting indeed. I would trust this man who has hiked, camped and slept in almost every condition (including gorilla-filled jungles and grizzly-filled rockies) to know the difference between a bear and a gorilla sound. Plus, the guy has a lot to lose by leading his viewers on that he heard a Bigfoot in the Alaskan Wilderness. Looking forward to hearing this when the show airs - I'm thinking on Season 3.

Click here to read the Survivorman Blog about his Alaskan trip and the Day 5 incident.

Just like we talk on our cellphone in a car, yell to a bartender for a drink or say "Like..." before every sentence, Bigfoots also have their very own unique way of 'talking' to each other. But, instead of dialing a friend on the latest, greatest, trendy I-Phone, they reach out and touch someone with good, old-fashioned tree knocks and howls. Just like our caveman ancestors used to do.

Click here to listen to's extensive collection of tree knocks and howls. Good stuff.

In 1994, Bigfoot hunter and plastercaster Paul Freeman captured video of a Big Foot in the Blue Mountains area of Washington state. The footage, of a female Bigfoot nurturing her young, is considered to be authentic by some Bigfoot sites, including, but its low resolution has some people doubting whether it was a Bigfoot or not.

In addition, it's been rumored that Freeman hoaxed photos and videos. He even admitted on national television to forging some of his Bigfoot footprints. Thus, much of his sightings, videos, photos etc. are held suspect in the eyes of many believers. But not to this Bigfoot enthusiast.

View the Paul Freeman Video Here.

On August 28, 1995, a TV film crew from Waterland Productions stopped by the side of the road to check out the beautiful Redwoods National Forest. Out of the periphery of the headlights, the driver of the vehicle yelled out "Look! It's a fucking bear." Immediately, the eager cameraman swung into action and turned on his camera. At first, it appeared to be a shaggy grizzly bear, then someone else recognized it for what it really was - a Sasquatch. Panic ensued, but not before the camera dude got a couple shots, including the approaching creature and it's right leg as it moseys back into the dense forest.

Plus, for all the ladies out there, you finally get to see some BIGFOOT COCK. See that little thing piece of meat flap up in the video at the beginning? Many believe it's an excited male bigfoot looking for a little T & A.

Click here to see the actual, grainy Redwoods film.

Then, click here to see a slower version.


After a day of fishing, drinking and partying on Memorial Day 1996, a group of seven people were heading back to their campsite in Loomis, Washington, when they saw this thing on a hillside clearing about 75 yards away. Suddenly, the creature stood up and darted towards the woods. One of the guys yelled ot his old lady to grab a camcorder from the car. About 2 to 3 minutes later, the Bigfoot appeared. Coincidentally(?), by that time, it was about 100 yards up the side of another mountain.

With video camera on, the amateur cinematographer caught the creature running across the hillside, jumping a ravine and sauntering into the thick of the woods. In addition to the video 'proof' of the creature, the reason that this particular sighting is in the top six is the number of possible people that saw the creature - about 30 due to other fisherman and nearby campers.

Click here to see Run, Bigfoot, Run.

So there you have it. The six pieces of evidence that Bigfoot lives. Take it or leave it.

With cellphone video phones, a whole generation of amateur cinematographers not to mention cameras that can catch a booger hanging from a person's nose 100 yards away, I'm convinced that sooner or later we'll have some great footage of a Bigfoot surface in the next 10 or so years.

So when you're visiting your Great Aunt Bertha at her house in the woods, keep scanning the countryside. Because maybe, just maybe, you'll shoot what so many people have failed to capture this century:

A Genuine Photo of Bigfoot That's Actually In Focus.


cbrown said...

Oooh, the Memorial Day footage made ME.....a BELIEVER!!

Your Finest Eimer said...

Sweet! Welcome aboard, BELIEVER.

Eric Wiley said...

Paul Freeman's video was, in my opinion, retardedly fake.

This video of bigfoot wading uphill through deep snow, however, is pretty good!

Your Finest Eimer said...

Hey nice find. It does look like a man in a gorilla suit in the snow. Or a true-to-life Yeti. You be the judge. Nice find!

Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Real?