Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bigfoot on Mars.

No, it's not the name of a new B-movie starring Ben Affleck and Sissy Spacek as astronauts who come across a sasquatch on the red planet.

It's a bonafide news story about the hairy beast on Fox News.

As it turns out, NASA's Spirit Rover shot a panaramic photo in early November, which was posted on NASA's Web site on January 2, 2008.

Conspiracy theorists (or bored copywriters perhaps) meticulously scanned the photos and came across the above blurred image which appears to be a humanoid alien walking on Mars.

Personally, I think it's a rock. But I'm happy to see that people are still looking up in the skies. Hoping. Dreaming. Praying. That there's possibly some life on other planets.

To read the Fox News Bigfoot on Mars here.

My next post will be a story concerning the possibility of gigantic sea creatures (aka Cloverfield Monster) that are living thousands of leagues under the sea.

Hmmm. That sounds like a great title for a book.

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BlueButBoldBlog said...

looking around at big foot stuff found not only this blogger, but this one as well, only it's a different kind of big foot.