Friday, June 18, 2010

Young Eimer - Inside a Bottle Rocket

Yet another drawing from my box of goodies that was found last week.

This one is titled 'Inside a Bottle Rocket' (click image to enlarge).

A little history on this one. I faintly remember drawing this picture after our parents let my brother and I graduate from Black Snakes, Pops, Smoke Bombs and Sparklers to bigger Fourth of July ammo like Bottle Rockets, Roman Candles, Firecrackers and - yes - M-80's (although my brother was the only one allowed to light those suckers).

I was so excited about bottle rockets, that I couldn't sleep. As a matter of fact, our Mom drove us up to Ohio Fireworks multiple times during the summer, so we could stock up - and I'm talking waaaayyyy after the Fourth of July.

Thanks Mom!

Ahhhh, the simplicity of youth, and the things that excited boys before they took a keen interest in girls...horror movies, sports, bike riding, a full can of WD40 and fireworks.

Wait a minute! Not too much has changed at all, except for my adulthood affinity for Gorilla Glue and Gorilla Tape.

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kent said...

I'm inspired! My truck is now in the shop for installation of an escape hatch and an emergency blowup button. Also adding a flamethrower and suction tube.