Thursday, June 5, 2008

CVNP Bigfoot Expedition #1: JAITE

So there we were. My buddy and I. Hanging out at Winking Lizard in Peninsula, Ohio.

Slurping down $4.00 Labatt Blue 32-ouncers (I like to call it a double-duece + 10).

Watching another professional Ohio team lose another game involving a ball of some sort.

"This sucks," my buddy said.

"Yeah," I said.

"There's got to be more to life than hanging out at a bar and swilling beer!"

"Arrrrr," I screamed in my best Pirates of the Caribbean accent.

"We need to get out and enjoy life!"

"Hear. Hear," I bellowed.

"We need to go out and hunt Bigfoot!!!!"


Well the conversation went something like that.

But he was right. I mean, my profile states that 'I trudge the land of Northeast Ohio in search of adventure and Bigfoot'.

But, I lied. I've never really trudged anywhere searching for the legendary creature.

Adventure trudging? Yes.

Bigfoot trudging? No.

So, we both decided to do something about it. We peeled our lazy butts off our Lizard stools and headed out into the world. We were going to hunt for Bigfoot in Summit County.

And, in the process, hopefully videotape a non-blurry shot of the creature so we could sell it to the media, go on the talk-show circuit and reap tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Fifteen minutes of fame here we come!!!

But where would we start? What supplies would we take? What informational website could we visit to set us on the right path to Bigfoot salvation?

Ahhhh, Salvation, indeed.

As I stated in one of my previous posts, one of the highlights of is their Comprehensive Sightings Database where you can click on any state (in the U.S. or Canada) and find a sighting in virtually every county of every state. In Summit County, where my buddy and I reside, there have been five reported sightings since 1978. All in and around the CVNP area.

A couple weeks ago, we picked a date to go search for the elusive creature. For our first expedition, we chose a Class A sighting reported in 1995, which involved a possible Bigfoot confrontation with three hikers along the railroad tracks in CVNP.

Below are some pictures, descriptions and reports of our somewhat interesting Bigfoot hunt.

According to the report, Three hikers decided to go for a night hike on the railroad tracks which run paralell to Riverview Road near Brandywine Ski Resort (in a town formerly known as Jaite). On this particular hike, we parked in the same public lot as the trio - on the corner of Riverview and Vaughn Road

We then headed north on the Cuyahoga Valley Line tracks and followed the same trail as the hikers.

Approximately a quarter of a mile in, we heard a distant, rustling ahead. The hikers heard a scream at this exact spot in 1995. Sadly, all that we saw were deer.

We followed the hikers trail through a somewhat heavily wooded area and came across some railroad cars, which were locked. Unless Bigfoot drinks Busch Light, no evidence or poop specimens were found.

Below is a guesstimate of the legendary spot where the hikers heard a 'VERY powerful, angry roar coming from the middle of the swamp.' According to the report the three froze dead in their tracks 'and barely uttered 'What the fuck was that!?!' when a very large creature came charging through the swamp right at (them).'

The guy who submitted the report said that he still lives in the area (Richfield) and passes through this particular spot on a regular basis and 'although I have never seen or heard anything like this since, it still gives me goosebumps when I drive through the area.'

He also stated that the he has talked to people since the incident and has met people who have heard similar screams, but no sightings. In fact, after the encounter, he has researched the local myths and heard of something called the "GRASSMAN".

Grassman, huh? I'm not sure who this guy was talking to, but I've never heard of the legendary Grassman creature roaming the woods of the CVNP.

(UPDATE: Thanks to Cryptomundo, now I have. And there's a mention of it here too!)

All I can say is I'm happy we went. It beats the hell out of hanging at a bar drinking your troubles away and thinking about all the bills you owe. Plus, it got us outside to enjoy nature. (Which is something a lot of people don't usually do here in Ohio, as witnessed by the eerie quietness that surrounded us on that particular night.)

Did we see a Bigfoot? No. But, on the way back to the car, we did hear three or four coyotes baying at the moon. Perhaps they were warning us of an impending Bigfoot/Grassman attack?

In any event, we've got four more sightings to check out in Summit County. You'll be the first to know if we caught the crazy creature.

I encourage you to head over the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings and Reports Database and go on your own Bigfoot Expedition in your state and county. You'll be happy you did.

Plus, as an extra bonus, everyone that you tell will think you're nuttier than a sack of squirrels.

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