Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

One of the required readings in my college literature class at Ohio State was F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

It's a strange story. Very creepy and somewhat sad. Benjamin is born old and is experiencing life backwards. While everyone around him is aging and getting old, he's getting younger and more vibrant.

And, since it's a short story, you can tell Fitzgerald chooses his words very carefully, like a chef preparing a great meal. I've read a lot of short stories, but this particular short story may be one of my favorites. I encourage you to read it as well.

In fact, click here to read the story at your leisure courtesy of Wikisource.

So imagine my surprise when it was announced that, post-Zodiac, David Fincher was going into production on a film version of the classic story with Brad Pitt playing the role of Button and Cate Blanchett as his love interest.


Since production has wrapped, I've been reading a number of web sites and interviews (mainly from Slashfilm.com) pertaining to the film and it sounds like Fincher has hit another home run. In fact, everyone that's seen a rough cut said it's one of the most romantic, touching films that they've seen in a long time.

Check out the international trailer for Benjamin Button below:

Simply beautiful and a bit on the creepy side! Just the way I like it.

Don't know about you , but I'm excited to see this flick. And, with a December release planned, it looks like Fincher may finally get a well-deserved Oscar nomination this time around.

I also found this Benjamin Button film blog from blogspot.com. By the looks of it, I'm sure this person will have a lot more updates about this film than myself.

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