Monday, April 14, 2008

One Sentence Movie Reviews - W2 Edition

More Movie Reviews To Take Your Mind Off the W2 Blues.

French psychological thriller that puts the latest American horror movies to shame.

Surprisingly fun flick from Disney that mocks the Disneyesque Cartoons of yore and turns the genre on its ass.

Wedding Daze
Michael Ian Black (from Stella and Ed fame) wrote and directed this different type of romantic comedy starring a sexy Isla Fisher (The Wedding Crashers) and Jason Biggs.

I Am Legend
After writing about it here, I Am Not That Bad.

Southland Tales
The director of Donnie Darko tried to put too many different ideas into this mess of a dystopian future flick.

Dan In Real Life
If you put The Weather Man, The Big Chill and The Family Stoned into a blender and added a sprinkie of Not Funny, you'd get this flick.

The Mist
I wrote about it here, and let me tell you the creatures are amazing, the acting is exceptional and the pacing, editing and screenplay even Darabont's shocking alternative ending is fantabulous.

Beowulf: Directors Cut
I wrote about it here and, after watching it, I'm sticking to my guns and saying it sucked.

If you like British movies about aristrocratic, spoiled little girls ruining other people's lives, then you'll like this film.

No Country For Old Men
After finally seeing this movie: Limited dialogue, great cinematography and acting mixed with solid story of Good vs. Evil vs. Nasty makes this a great horror movie by the greatest living writer (Cormac McCarthy) and directors (The Coen Brothers) of our time.

Into The Wild
I wrote about it here, and I can honestly say this is the best film I've seen this year, so far.

1000 Places to See Before You Die: Collection 1: Disc 1
A 90-minute crappy infomercial about hotels, destinations and hot spots in Brazil, France and Alaska.

No Reservations
It's Raising Helen with Kate Hudson, but set in a different industry (fine dining industry instead of fashion).

The Darjeeling Limited
In addition to the nude Natalie Portman scene, Wes Anderson (Bottle Rocket, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) paints a beautiful film with the backdrop of India as his pallette that transforms this movie into something more special than your basic film.

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