Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mysterious Lights in Arizona....Again!

Everyone's heard about the 'strange light formations' that appeared in the Arizona sky in the Spring of 1997, right?

No? Well, here's a video,

To quote Carol Ann from the hit film Poltergeist 2.... "They're back!"

In a story from KNXV-TV Channel 10 in Phoenix, Arizona, last night there were numerous reports about similar interesting light formations which seemed to mimic the Star Destroyer from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. (The above link also lets you click on an amateur video of last night's light show, but first you have to sit through a :30 second commercial.)

I'm not sure what to make of this. Is this the beginning of the End of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Are the aliens trying to recreate Spielberg's Close Encounters of The Third Kind with Camelback Mountain in place of Devil's Tower? Are people in Arizona forming mountains of mashed potatoes into crude starships and mountain ranges screaming "This means something. This is important?" Can I possibly make one more movie reference before this post ends?

Who knows!

All I know is that this story (first found on Drudgereport.com) made this boring Tuesday morning just a little bit more interesting.

Not put that in your milkshake and drink it.

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