Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Up Michigan?

It's got to be a pretty depressing time to be a Michigan Wolverines fan.

It's the first time since 1959 that the Wolverines have opened a season with two straight losses at home. That's 48 years!

To put things in perspective, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone premiered on television, Charlton Heston's Ben-Hur won 11 Academy Awards and John McEnroe and Weird Al’ Yankovic were born in 1959.

Plus, dating back to last season, they’ve dropped four straight for the first time in four decades. The 32-point loss to Oregon was Michigan's worst since losing 50-14 at Ohio State in 1968 (yeah!), the season before Bo Schembechler's debut in Ann Arbor.

The really weird thing is that Michigan was picked as the team to get it done this year. Maybe even win the national championship. Personally, by seeing the talent pool back from last year, I was sure Michigan would roll, virtually uncontested, in every single game. To be honest, I don't think anyone saw this coming, including Ohio State fans.

Granted, I think Oregon is a pretty good team. I’m convinced that their quarterback has a chance to be considered for the Heisman if he has (I don’t know) nine more games like the one he played against Michigan. Appalachian State is a good team as well. But, well, they're Appalachian State.

As an Ohio State alumn, Big Ten supporter and Buckeyes fan, I’m not too sure how I feel. One could say I should be happy, kicking my heels together, that the Wolverines are getting it handed to them every week. But, I’m not.

I’m from the school of thought that I want Michigan to have the highest possible ranking and the most wins under their belt when they face Ohio State at the end of the year. I don't know about you, but it's always more fun to watch a high-ranked Wolverines team (full of hope and vigor) get blasted from atop their Big Ten perch by a Scarlet and Gray helmet.


Although the season is young, I could see Penn State and Wisconsin making some noise in the Big Ten. Ohio State's got both of them back-to-back on October 27 and November 3, which should be interesting. I'm also still looking forward the Wisconsin/Michigan game on November 10, which I thought would've been the Game of the Year in the Big Ten.

And who knows? After a Mike Hart guaranteed victory over Notre Dame on Saturday, maybe Michigan will get their shit together this week, and proceed to roll in the Big Ten.

In any event, when the 0-2 Wolverines square up against the 0-2 Irish, I’ll be pulling for the blue. Then, I'll root for them to win again. And again. And again. Until the Buckeyes head to the Big House on November 17.

In fact, I think that's the only day I won't be rooting for a Michigan win.

With that last comment in mind, check out the following story about a Texas fan getting his penis almost ripped off by a Oklahoma fan.

Looks like our fans aren't the only rabid college football fans in the nation.

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