Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bolt Breaks Bank in 100 and 200.

I've been waiting to see the outcome of the 200-meter dash before I commented on my Nostradamus-esque prediction that the 100-meter dash world record would be broken during this year's Olympics.

As it turns out, Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke both the world record in the 100 meter dash and, just announced, the 200-meter dash in 19.30 seconds.

In addition, Bolt became the first man since Carl Lewis in the 1984 Olympics to sweep the 100 and 200 gold medals at an Olympics.

To add to that, he is the first man EVER to break both world marks at any Olympics.

According to an article I read on; not even Lewis, Jesse Owens or Mr. Gold Shoes Michael Johnson were able to achieve that particular goal.

Very impressive indeed.

Speaking of Bolt's 100-meter world-record win. Many sportscasters and sprint specialists believe Bolt would've shattered the record even more - than his recorded time of 9.69 seconds - had he not slowed down 10 meters before the finish line to pull up his hands and showboat to the crowd.


Look, I know it didn't take a forward-thinking guy to see that the world record would be broken in the 100-meters at this year's Olympics. Based on previous times, this was the fastest group of dudes to race at the Olympics, ever.

However, I'm still sticking to my other prediction that somebody somewhere will bring the world record down to 9.50 where it will stand for a very, very long time.

Maybe past my lifetime.

Until that time, enjoy watching the record-breaking 200-meter dash tonight on NBC. Judging by the photos, it should be fun to see him pull himself away from the pack.

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