Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey Entertainment Weekly...Fuck You!

EIMER NOTE: My buddy Mac opened up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly to the title: THE TROUBLE WITH THE OSCARS. That said, he didn't seem too happy with what the magazine had to say. I haven't personally read the article, but I think Mac's got some great points in the following diatribe against the article. Enjoy...

I don't know if anyone has seen the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, but at first glance it looked like a nice recap of the Oscars.

But the cover read: THE TROUBLE WITH THE OSCARS.

What the fuck?

They totally pissed on the Academy Awards because it had the lowest television ratings in history and they said it was boring because none of movies nominated (save JUNO) made a lot of money at the box office.

Do you know how bad this pisses me off?

First of all, I thought this years' Oscars were as good as ever.

Jon Stewart is one of my favorite Oscar hosts. Plus, the movies nominated this year were fuckin' good!

It's not the Academy's fault that the general public doesn't always go see the BEST MOVIES out there. The best thing about the Oscars is that it helps those movies that don't make a lot of money get more attention.

So, just because the Oscars had lower ratings doesn't mean the show was a disaster. It really doesn't mean shit! Besides advertisers, who gives a 'squirt of piss' what the fucking tv ratings were anyway. Not the true film fans. Which, by the way, is who the Oscars were created for.

People need to know this: TV is a Cancer on movies. If movies follow a direction dictated by television, then terminal illness for movies will follow. There are two different type of people: Movie people and TV people. Sometimes TV people think that they are movie people because they watch movies on television.

V people think that if a movie doesn't make a lot of money at the box office, it must not be any good and they can't understand why these movies get nominated over the ones that make the most money. They have another award show for that and it's called the fuckin' People's Choice Awards! AND NO MOVIE PERSON WATCHES THAT!!!

At least no one with any self diginity.

Entertainment Weekly's first suggestion to the Academy was to nominate more popular movies.

Does anyone know how fucking stupid that is?!

I almost cancelled my subscripttion right then. I don't think Enteratainment Weekly should be giving any lectures to the Academy. I had no idea the egos at that magazine have inflated that much in eighteen years. I have faith in the Academy that they will never nominate movies based soley on box office numbers.

So, I have only one thing to say to Entertainment Weekly and to all the TV people out there who don't know shit about movies and will continue to say terrible things about the Oscars:



Milan A. Cargould

EIMER NOTE: Thanks for the post. I couldn't have said it better myself, Mac. And you know how much I love to use the word fuck! I think people (creative people) get into the movie industry with hopes to scratch their creative itch and tell a good fucking story. And you would hope they've seen all the great classics as well. I think as long as there are 'dreamers' and 'movie lovers' in the world, there will continue to be great films. Great thinking person's films. And that's what I think the Academy Awards continue to do...celebrate substance over splash. Either that, or we're going to turn into the movie Idiocracy and go to the movies to watch a big ass fart for two hours.

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