Monday, November 19, 2007

LLLLLoyd, sorry to see ya go.

Well, even before Ohio State's 14-3 win over Michigan at the Big House on Saturday, I heard murmurs and rumors that Lloyd Carr was going to step down as head coach of the Maize and Blue.

Although his scowl will be missed, I can't see him staying away from a football field for too long. In a year or two, I wouldn't be surprised to see him heading onto the NFL as an assistant coach or even coaching a lower-tier Division 1 WAC or MAC college team.

I was going to write a big send off, but Columbus Dispatch Sport Reporter Bob Hunter said it all in a poignant Carr column, which ran today. Check it out right here.

However, I will say this - the guy definitely left many a Ohio State fan dejected in the 90's. All of those Michigan wins still sting like they happened yesterday. I mean, whenever anyone utters the word 'Biakabatuka' - I still feel a singe crawl up the back of my spine. And, for that, I know Carr's angry grimace will be remembered by Buckeye Nation everywhere.

Now I'm curious to see who they hire as Jim Tressel's Megatron.


Kent-A-Tron said...

Can I be your Megatron?

Your Finest Eimer said...

As it turns out, I'm accepting applications as well. Just send me $25 and a picture of you naked and we'll discuss over coffee. Or billiards.