Friday, October 5, 2007

For This Sports Fan, It's Rocktoberfest.

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts concerning all the miscellaneous sports debris swirling around in my head. In copywriter bullet points, of course:

EIMER NOTE: I've included Monday updates in RED.
  • Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees
    Now I'm not a real major league baseball fan, but I do tend to perk up when the postseason rolls around. In case you missed the Indians 12-3 win over the Yankees last night, you'll have a chance to catch them again on TBS tonight (5 p.m), Sunday, Monday and - probably - Wednesday. I think it's great to see the underdog Indians in the AL playoffs against the three biggest salary teams in baseball (Red Sox, Yankees and Angels). In a sense, this year's team reminds me of that 2001-2002 New England Patriots squad that came out of nowhere to win the SuperBowl. Can't wait to see how the Yankees fans treat Cleveland on Sunday especially if the Tribe is up 2-0. EIMER NOTE: Well, I didn't think the Indians would go 3-0. I knew the Yankees had to win at least one to keep Torre on the staff. Although, if the Yanks don't make it to the World Series this year, I would bet on Steinbrenner showing Torre the door. How about that Game 2! Awesome.
  • Ohio State at Purdue. (8 p.m., Saturday)
    Last year at this time, my girlfriend and I had these great plans to hop aboard one of those charter buses, drink some beer and head out to the Ohio State/Purdue game that's taking place at 8 p.m. in West Lafayette on Saturday. She graduated from Purdue (with a master's at Ohio State). I'm an Ohio State alum. Suffice to say, she was excited to hook up with old friends and I was excited for a little Buckeyes football on the road. As they say, if you want to make God laugh, chart out a plan. By December of last year, she was knocked up, again. Now, ten months later, we'll be watching the game at home with our 2-week old son and 16-month old daughter, while her two siblings (with spouses in tow) will be traveling out to Indiana to visit little sister (a Purdue freshman) and going to the soldout game compliments of dad. I'm not going to dwell on this, because I've got a great son who's healthy,wealthy and wise not to mention...Eh, fuck it. Yeah, I'm a little bummed, but I'll get over it. That said, I'm really looking forward to this game between two undefeated Big Ten teams. In short, Purdue (5-0) is a bit cocky, but has not been proven. Ohio State (5-0), on the other, hand beat Washington and, well, um that's but. But, 23-year-old junior Boeckman is becoming a great leader and quarterback so I'm picking them to win a loud stadium. And it's a night game to boot, which is a little scary for OSU fans. Remember what happened at Penn State a couple years back? Let's hope there's not a Gold Out. Or even better, a Black Out. Did I ever mention that Tracy and I should be at that fucking game? EIMER NOTE: To be honest, I was hoping for a little bit of a closer game. But, hey with Stanford knocking off USC, the Bucks moved up to No. 3 in the polls. In all honesty, I can see Ohio State playing California in a BCS bowl at the end of the year, which could end up being the championship game. Once again, Michigan stands in the way.
  • Florida vs. LSU (8 p.m. Saturday)
    If you have that little utility button on your remote control that can put a small screen up on your television, I suggest you put this game up the same time you're watching the Buckeyes/Purdue game. After Florida's stinging loss last week to Auburn on a last-second field goal, I'm pretty sure the Gators are a little pissed and want a little payback. On the other hand, LSU is coming off a modest win against a creampuff Tulane team last week. Don't know about you, but I see an upset special chugging down the track. EIMER NOTE: Hey, it was a great game to watch. I honestly thought Tebow and the Gators had the momentum to knock these guys off. Turns out I was wrong. Oh well. Bye, Bye Gators.
  • Michigan Wolverines
    Remember that Wolverines post I had a couple weeks ago? You don't? Well here it is. I just knew Mike Hart, Chad Henne, Lloyd Carr and Mario Manningham wouldn't sit idly by and watch their season get flushed down the toilet. The ship has been righted and Hart looks unstoppable. But, after they roll over Eastern Michigan this week, they've got some strong Big Ten matchups waiting in the wings against Purdue, Wisconsin and the Buckeyes. Keep your eye on the Wolverines/Badgers game on November 11. Mark my words, that game will tell the tale of the whole Big Ten championship. EIMER NOTE: With the Wisconsin loss scratch the last remark. Instead, I'll be keeping track on how Illinois is doing from now on. I thought the Illini's Penn State win was a fluke. Looks like Ron Zook has the underdog Illini believing they can do anything. Michigan's schedule just got a bit more interesting with Purdue next week followed by a road trip to Illinois on Oct. 20.
  • Cleveland Browns
    I'll admit I'm privy to the Steelers. But living in Northeast Ohio, you can't help but get excited that this team is finally winning some games. Even some big games. Okay they got blown out by the Steelers in game one, which was inevitable. But to have some strong wins against division rivals the Ravens and the Bengals not to mention an almost-win on the road against Oakland. Well, it's just nice to see that this team is starting to get their shit together. What did it take? 8 years. Concerning this week's game at New England: The Patriots don't care about the Browns. They're looking to next week's matchup against the Cowboys. I honestly think this game will be close and I look for Anderson to chalk up some big passing numbers and, of course, a couple of picks. EIMER NOTE: Well I was wrong here as well. New England is just making the NFL look too easy. If there was an interstellar football game against aliens from different galaxies , I would pick these guys to represent our planet. That's how good I think the Patriots are. Like I said, next week's game against the Cowboys will tell the tale.
  • Lebron James
    He's wearing the Yankees hat. He's performing on Saturday Night Live. He's best buds with Jay-Z, who happens to be part owner of the New Jersey Nets. It's also stipulated in his Nike contract that he'll make even more money if he plays for a West or East coast team. That said, be on the lookout for this guy in a Knicks or Nets jersey by the time he's 30. What? You really thought he was going to stay in Cleveland forever? Pffffft. EIMER NOTE: Nothing new on this one. He's leaving Cleveland in seven years if not sooner.
  • All-Steroid Olympics
    If the regular Olympics and an all-steroid Olympics were broadcasting the same exact event at the same exact time on different channels, which one would you watch? I would have to go with the steroid Olympics. Just imagine all the anger. I betcha it would make one helluva highlight reel as well. Plus, Bob Costas could do those intimate athlete spotlights on how the profiled track star got into steroids, what types of steroids they use, and lets not forget before and after pictures and family soundbytes.
  • Bend It Over Like Beckham
    Okay. Okay. After thinking about it for a couple months, I'm pretty sure I would bang Posh Spice Beckham for one night. And only one night. Then the next morning, around 6 a.m., I would kick her to the curb. But not until after we ate a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's. Then she'd be history.

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