Thursday, October 18, 2007

Will There Be a Goonies 2?

If you were born in 1972 or 1973, chances are you love The Goonies.

I'm not sure what it is about the flick that struck a nerve with me? Maybe it was the adventure. Maybe it was the pirates. Maybe it was the booby traps. Maybe it was the water slide at the end of the movie. Maybe it was a group of friends banding together, defying their parents and hunting for buried treasure.

All I can say is, ever since my first viewing on Friday, June 7, 1985, I've been hooked.

After multiple viewings at the cinema (I believe nine times in a two-month period), my best friend got his very own VHS copy for his birthday. (Remember when new VHS movies were about $75 each?) We treated that video tape like it was the Ark of the Convenant. After each viewing, we'd hit rewind and very carefully place the tape back into the protective plastic case. Then, we'd venture out on our own Goonies adventures in hopes of uncovering a secret hideaway, dead body or Fratelli gang.

Sadly, the closest we came to seeing Sloth chained to a wall was an old shack deep in the woods with rusted raccoon traps, some old newspapers and kitchen knives.

With the onset of puberty, I began to hunt down a different type of booty. It wouldn't be long before I went from searching for buried treasure in the woods to unearthing sinful treasures from a girl's bra and panties.

But, prior to that, I think, some of my favorite memories growing up were during the summers of '85 and '86. And it had a lot to do with The Goonies.

More than 20 years have passed and the movie still resonates in my brain. I've easily seen The Goonies more than 100 times. And, without a doubt, it is one of my top ten favorite films of all time next to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pulp Fiction, Time Bandits, The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens and Evil Dead 2.

That said, I came across this little piece of news on Mtv's website saying that a sequel to The Goonies is in the works.

Now, I've heard rumors about a possible sequel for quite some time. The cast, including Director Richard Donner, mentioned it in passing during the commentary section of the DVD. I also think the onset of film fanatic websites have brought this whole Goonies 2 idea to the forefront even more so.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this. On a selfish note, I think it would be a blast to take my kids to a sequel of one of my favorite movies. But, what if it sucks balls?

If it's a good script that centers around the children of the former Goonies who go on an adventure with their parents, the old Goonies, looking for them, I think it could possibly work. If it's the old Goonies gang getting back together 20 years later to go on another mission - I'm not too sure that would work at all.

Another part of me says "Why not do a remake or reimagining of the first film in a different location, with different young actors and a different adventure?" Or maybe even a television series a' la LOST or the X-Files? also broke the news about a possible Goonies cartoon with the same look and feel of Batman: The Animated Series. I think that would work out a little bit better.

Or even better yet, why not make a movie that's set in the summer of 1985, about a group of 12-year old kids on the brink of puberty who are so fascinated by The Goonies that they proceed to go on their own Goonie adventure. Of course, chaos ensues in the form of a group of escaped convicts hunting them down, finding a million dollars in a brief case or unearthing some sort of distant relic or government secret (i.e. UFOs or big foot).

Then another part of me says that whatever Hollywood decides to do, they'll never capture the lightning in a bottle like they did with the first Goonies back in the summer of '85.

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