Thursday, October 11, 2007

He Ain't Puffy, He's My Friend.

I've got a lot of friends. And by a lot, I mean, probably, ten.

Due to the fact that my fiance' and I have two kids under two years old running around the house, neither of us have had any time to get out and see our friends. So, with the exception of e-mail and phone calls, I haven't had the chance to actually see a lot them in person for quite some time.

Which leads me to.....

A couple weeks ago, some of my buddies went on a week-long fishing trip to Canada. Of course I was invited, but I had to pass due to the fact that my girlfriend was giving birth on one of those days. I know, I know. That is very gracious of me.

After the weeklong trip was over, I was curious to see what I had missed. So I shot off an e-mail to one of my friends:
"Hey man, how was the trip? Send me some pics."
A couple days passed before I received an e-mail with pics of all the guys drinking, fishing and having a great time.

Then something caught my attention.

Lately, I've noticed that there's been a significant transformation in everyone's appearance - including my own. It wasn't until I viewed the photos from my buddy's fishing trip, that the light bulb went off.

We're All Getting Puffy.

And by puffy, I'm not talking overweight, fat or rotund. I'm talking puffy. You know, maybe one too many beers mixed with one too many cheese steaks and not a lot of exercise.

That type of puffy.

I e-mailed my buddy about my casual observation.

His response:
"Hey fucker!!! YES, I am Puffy, Goddammit!! I have three kids to keep me puffed out. And you’re just one more shot past the goal to achieving similar levels of puffiness!"
The man made a lot of sense. I responded to his e-mail by saying that, in fact, it wasn't him who I thought was puffy, but the rest of the crew.

His response:
"Yeah. Some of them are Baby Puffy (because they have a baby) and others are Booze Puffy (from drinking too much booze)."

Ahhh yes, the wonders of growing old.

This weekend, I'm heading to Toledo to attend my friends' daughter's first-birthday party. A lot of other friends are showing up to celebrate this grand occasion.

Oh sure, I'll watch the little girl open her gifts, stick her hand into the cake and get all messy why everyone laughs and oohs and ahhs.

But the one thing I'll really be looking at puffy everyone has become.


Anonymous said...

Let us see some before/after pics.

Your Finest Eimer said...

Hmmmmmmm. I think I'll pass on that. I don't want to make anyone feel bad about their obvious puffiness.