Monday, August 17, 2015

Space Elevator! I called it ... sort of.

So I was browsing DrudgeReport for my daily right-wing news (don't worry, I also visit CNN for the left) and came upon this article via The Telegraph.

It talks about a patent that has been granted to a Canadian firm for a ‘space elevator’ which will shoot cargo 12.4 miles into the stratosphere from where it can be launched more easily.

Holy shit, right?

Look, I know it's been discussed before by Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, but I wrote this post way back in 2007 talking about the SAME, EXACT THING. Looks like my thought process is seven years ahead of the current time continuum.

Eat yer heart out Michio Kaku. 

If you're a space geek, this is exciting news, because it bring us regular folk one step closer to having  a chance to be a space tourist, and possibly see all those aliens that are flying around checking us out and stopping our war-like behavior as well.

Yes, this is a post giving myself a pat on the back, because it justifies that these posts are all for nought.


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