Friday, August 21, 2015

Anatomy of an Eimertoon - Floism

About a year, or so, ago, our Creative Director asked us to put our illustration/design talents to the test and create some sort of illustration highlighting a Floism - a popular saying from a Progressive Flo Ad.

Well, I chose "I'll Get You A Rental Car" from the following Flo Spot titled 'Chick Flick' which pokes a little bit of fun at the famous rain-soaked scene in 'The Notebook' :

I had an idea that Flo was doing this all the time ... just showing up at different catastrophes around the country and getting people rental cars. I just thought about the different types of accidents people would get into - and then added a little diversity and locales.

I did a rough sketch ... mapping out how this poster could possibly flow (no pun intended). Truthfully, this came together pretty easy after I figured out the five other scenes.

After laying this out, I thought it would be a better idea to highlight the other 'accident's' first and then end the illustration with the shot of Flo standing in the rain with the handsome guy (as seen in the spot above).

And Voila! After a couple of rough drafts (which I can't seem to locate now) I came up with this final drawing, which is proudly hanging in our media room at Campus 2 ...

(click image to enlarge)

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