Friday, January 2, 2015

Eimer's Worst Movie Experiences of 2014

So, early last year, I started a Twitter account called #1SentenceMovieReview.

I was hoping that it would be my meal ticket out of here. I was hoping that I could make my millions off the great press and advertising from all the hits I was going to receive. I was hoping I could retire - and live the rest of my life in Puerto Rico posting movie reviews from the comfort of my own beach house, which I would call Eimer Lagoon.

Well, as my 15 followers and hardly any Twitter shares can attest, the experiment isn't going exactly as planned. However, I might as well see this little experiment through for the next couple years. If anything, it's a nice writing challenge to try and be succinct, funny and provocative in 140 characters or less.

So, with links to my twitter account, I give you the 15 worst movies I watched in 2014. Keep in mind, these are not necessarily 2014 movies, but movies I viewed in 2014 that I hated (hence the word 'experiences').


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