Monday, March 28, 2011

Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! Eimer World Records.

Waaay back in the Mid-80's, there was no such thing as PlayStation. Nintendo was king.

Waaay back in the Mid-80's, mix-martial arts was non-existent. Boxing was the bloodsport of choice. 

Waaay back in the Mid-80's Mike Tyson, the actor, was underheard of. Mike Tyson, the heavyweight boxer, was feared!

Waaay back in the Mid-80's Gears of War was something in a Sylvester Stallone movie. Mike Tyson's PunchOut!! was the most badass game of it's time.

Waaay back in the Mid-80's, I was a geeky eigth-grader with no life, no girlfriend and no easy way to access online porn via the World Wide Web, since it wasn't invented yet. What's an angry 13-year old to do?

Well, this angry 13-year old donated 100% of his energy to mastering video games. You know, the classics like Castlevania, Mega Man (the first one!), Super Mario 1 and 2, Legend of Zelda and, of course, Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! (two exclamation points!)

Remember the box of goodies I talked about a while ago?

Well, I went digging into that box last night and came out with another young Eimer gem:

It's all of my world records from Mike Tyson's Punchout!! Nice list by the way. I was looking online and couldn't seem to find any other gamer's records. So I'll accept these as the current world records.

As you see, in the beginning I beat Tyson by decision. However, I finally TKO'd Tyson with 16 seconds left in the third round. Not sure you can defeat Tyson by knock out. But I came close.

On a related note, the wikipedia entry for Tyson's Punch-Out!! stated there was a sequel in the works where Mike Tyson travels into space to take on extra terrestrials. Production was stalled because of Tyson's rape conviction. Damn you Mike Tyson's penis! Damn you!

This is just one of many, many more hidden treasures lurking in my box of young Eimer goodies.

Who knows what's going to pop up next?


Anonymous said...

That is awesome, Brad. Reminds me of the copious stats I kept for "Bases Loaded II." And you should check your records against -- the "world authority" on video-game record keeping (as recognized by Guinness World Records and prominently featured in "King of Kong," one of my absolutely favorite documentaries of the last few years). You have to click on "scoreboard" on the left-hand side of the page and then do a search. Good luck! -- Nick

Your Finest Eimer said...

Thanks Nick. Awesome! Much appreciated. Also appreciate you reading! Later.

cbrown said...

Ha! You got me looking up some old NES role playing games I used to waste a lot of time on. Maniac Mansion, Dragon Warrior, North and South... Then there was the hotline you could call if you got stuck on something, since it was pre-internet days. Good stuff, Brad.

Your Finest Eimer said...

Thanks Craig.

I remember I was stuck on Castevania and I called in this dude. He seemed like an uninterested college kid. I asked him how to get to the final frame and he said something like "Duh, you just turn around and go through the door." I remember at the time, it was pretty expensive. I think they charged your phone bill. If your interested you should check out Nick's advice...check out However, you have to 'sign up' to see the scores.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if you know anything about a world record involving defeating glass joe-tyson blind folded.
If you have any information reguarding this please email me. I have a person who can do it with video evidence.