Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars 2009 Recap.

Well, after I wrote my Friday picks, I loaded up my drinkin’ jacket with three Milwuakee’s Best Lights and went to see Slumdog Millionaire at a local theater on Saturday night.

Let me just say I was thoroughly impressed and finally realized what all the fuss was about. It's a really good film that deserved all the accolades.

That said, having seen it and feeling the momentum and hype spiraling up to the Oscars, I would have changed my picks on a number of categories. But, I’m happy for Danny Boyle winning Best Director and Picture for Slumdog. If you’re not up-to-date on his body of work, here some other personal Boyle favorites that you should definitely check out

  • Shallow Grave

  • Trainspotting

  • 28 Days Later

  • Sunshine

  • Millions

Speaking of my Oscar picks, I was a terrible 11-13. Not even as good as last year's picks.

I should add that the reason I’ve been so lousy is that I haven’t been to the theater in quite some time. The last movie I saw in theater was Knocked Up way back in 2007, which is pitiful. However, now I remember what it’s like to see a movie in a darkened theater with other movie goers. It truly is a remarkable thing. And it's good to be back.

So, here are a couple highlights of my picks (if you care):

  • I was 5-1 in the biggie categories (actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, director, best picture). I would have been 6-0 had my blinders not been on for David Fincher and Benjamin Button. I thought this was going to be a Crash-type thing. You remember? The year that Ang Lee won best director for Brokeback, but Trash, oops I mean Crash, won best picture.

  • I was really shocked WALL-E only won one Oscar. True, it won the biggie – best animated film, but I thought this movie would have been showcased a bit more. Goes to show, you shouldn’t pick with your heart. It’s a good flick. Check it out.

  • I was also shocked that Pixar’s Presto did'nt win Best Animated Short. Instead it was won by La Maison en Petits Cubes. Check out the animation here while it’s still up. My thought is the Academy wanted to give other animators the limelight in this category instead of Pixar.

  • After Departures won best foreign language film, I opened up my laptop and tossed it into my Netflix queue. Waltz with Bashir was supposed to win, but didn't. Departures sounds and looks like a pretty interesting film, though. It's like a Japanese Six Feet Under. Count me intrigued.

That said, here are the films that I’m looking forward to seeing after viewing last night's Oscars:

  • Departures

  • Frozen River

  • The Wrestler

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  • Milk

  • The Reader

  • Doubt

  • Rachel Getting Married

Questions? Comments? Up Yourses? Please respond.

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Shabazz Jenkins aka Jeremy said...

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When I was 16 I started working at the Kroger on Robinwood Ave in Whitehall. I lived about 25 minutes away out in the country and didn't know anybody at the store. Anyway, one night a cashier asked if i wanted to go out and party after work. We ended up at his girlfriends' friend's apartment off of James Rd. There were a few people there and we were drinking and smoking pot. I didn't like to drink but I did hit the joint a few times. Anyway, I was pretty stoned and didn't really know anyone so I just sat there zoned out on the couch. Then there is a knock at the door. The boyfriend of the girl whose apartment we were in said "That must be my cousin ........Tony." He opened the door and I about shit my fucking pants. In walks Big Head Tony. He then sits on the couch about 5 feet directly across from me. They introduce me to him and I shake his hand. I want to get up and get the fuck out of there but I just sit there, trying not to look at him. How can't I though, he is directly in fucking front of me. So many thoughts are going through my head and I'm stoned as hell. He is carrying a conversation on with his cousin but his words sound like they are from the Klingon language or something. He then looks my way and starts mumbling something to me and I just stare at him. There is a long awkward pause. His cousin then says Tony wants to know if that is my blue cavalier in the parking lot and if I want to buy some rims off of him. Tony had the same car and just got new rims that day. If I was interested, talk to the cousin about it. Tony got up and left and I never saw him again. I did end up buying his rims though.

I lived near 10th and Neil in 92 for a year and did a lot of shopping in Ghetto Kroger. I can't even imagine working there. Anyway, I enjoyed your stories and I will be reading your blog more often.