Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cedar Point Does Rock, but...

Just a quick note. I was reading through my 'blog' about Cedar Point and how it rocks my nut sack. It left me with a number of questions:

1.) The Future of Rollercoasters. Will there be a limit or will they just keep getting higher and higher and higher? Will you have to wear oxygen when you climb the initial hill or will the oygen deprivation be part of the 'ride experience'? Just imagine the drops. You'll be screaming for an entire minute on the first hill. FASCINATING.

2.) Wacky Ride Part 1. I can't take credit for this, but my good buddy mentioned that there should be a ride at Cedar Point where you get shot. Basically you stand in line and you can choose the body part you want shot or you just wear a bullet proof vest and get shot in the chest. Imagine the rush of knowing that you're going to get shot. WOW!

3.) Wacky Ride Part 2. I'm thinking of a ride where you get into a regular car and a giant slingshot shoots you and four other people into Lake Erie. Then you have to try to escape before you drown. Cool!

4.) Beer. I'm all for beer at amusement parks, but they should have machines, much like pop machines, where you can drink beer while you're waiting in line. That would be a lot of fun.

5.) Puke Ride. There should be ride strictly made for you to puke. Basically the first part of the ride consists of you eating at a greasy buffet. Then, after you're finished eating, you wait in line for a spin ride that basically guarantees that you will puke. Then, as an extra-added bonus, the employees will not clean up the puke until the end of the day. Ewwwww.

6.) Signing A Release. As a collectible souvenier, I would sell releases that you won't sue the park for accidental dismemberment or death. That way, kids can have something to frame on the wall when they get home. "Look," they would say to a friend. "I survived Cedar Point!" Coool!

7.) Old-Person Day. The first old person (over 80) that dies on a ride during Old-Person Day gets their funeral paid for and the family gets a check for $500,000. "Hey gramps, let's go to Cedar Point!" CHA-CHING!

8.) One Person Dies a Day. Maybe there should be a marketing campaign that guarantees one person will die each day at the park? Maybe a sniper will shoot you while you're walking through Frontier Village or perhaps a big blade gets lowered on any given coaster and beheads you while you're on the ride. You know that people who didn't die or get their heads cut off would leave the park with a deeper respect for life. Heck, they may even make serious changes to their personalities because of it. Plus, if you die at Cedar Point you will be a martyr of sorts anyway. So it's a win-win situation.

What are your ideas to make Cedar Point more 'fun'?

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