Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eimertoons - Passion of the Groundhog

Last night, I noticed that The Passion of the Christ was on TV. You know, that little Jesus of Nazarath film mixed with a little original Texas Chainsaw Massacre - directed by Mr. Mel Gibson.

Coincidentally, I've been reading a very interesting book by Richard Dawkins called The God Delusion, which is sure to put all Christian, Jewish and Muslim readers into a panic. (Very good book by the way.)

In any event, both of these occurences reminded me of a 10-page cartoon that I drew waaaaaaay back in 2006 - before my daughter was born when I was unemployed and living in Cleveland.

It's the longest of the three long-form cartoons that I have drawn - thus far. I should add that I took great pleasure and pride in creating this. If anything, it showed that I could tell a long-form story in cartoon form, which was a big break through.

Now if I only had time to do some more......

Check it out. And, as always, (click each image to enlarge).

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