Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eimer's List of Old School Video Games

So, yet another little treasure from Eimer's boxes of goodies stored in my basement.

I'm not sure on when this was created. It could have been anywhere from 9- to 13-years old.

But, for whatever reason, I made a list of video game titles from Intellivision, ColecoVision, Atari 2600 and Aladdin's Castle (the video-game emporium at the Ohio Valley Mall, which housed all of the big-box games).

In any event, below are 138 video games that I played, in one shape or form, during my early video-game playing tenure (Which, as I understand, are one's most fordible years):

(click image to enlarge)

Couple highlights about this list:
  • The odd thing about this list is that the numbering is all screwed up - beginning with #1 in the right-hand side and ending in the 100's on the left-hand side.
  • What about Space Invaders, Missle Command, Congo Bongo, Double Dragon, Kangaroo, Dragon's Lair, 10-Yard Fight, Marble Madness and a wide array of pinball games such as Pinbot and Cyclone?
  • I remember that Atari came out with Jungle Hunt to battle the success of Activision's Pitfall. Truth be told, it actually wasn't that bad of a game.
  • Remember when you achieved a high score in any Activision game, they asked you to take a picture of your television screen and send it away for an offical Activision patch of that video game?
  • Remember Atari 2600's crappy Pac-Man rip-off? Boy did that suck!
  • Concerning the games on the list, what the hell is Bally-Ho, Barbie, Sub Roc, Temple of Apshai and Lost Luggage?
  • Personally, I recall some of my favorites during this time as Donkey Kong (of course), Frogger, Adventure, Burger Time, Defender, Warlords, Pitfall, Jumpman Jr. 2, and Megamania (remember the commercial?) 
  • I have a story about Satan's Hollow (#127). I was playing this video game at Super X (a local pharmacy in Martins Ferry, which is now a CVS). An old lay approached me and quietly stood over my shoulder as I rocket-launched the shit out of Lucifer. During a brief pause in the game, I glanced over at her and offered up a nervous smiled. She had a very perturbed look on her face. "You're going to hell for playing that game," she told me matter of factly and exited the store. I freaked out, lost my mojo and proceeded to get my ass kicked by the Devil. As a matter of fact, I was so freaked out that I stopped playing Satan's Hollow altogether. However, 20+ years later, I recently revisited the game at Cedar Point's Main Arcade on the midway. Hell be damend, I still rocked that high score.
  • After reviewing this list, I have many, many fond memories of most of these video games. In particular the video game battles that my brother and I would get into...which I may share a little later.
  • Isn't it ironic how this list compares to the length of my list of all-time favorite movies? Also, notice the Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari 2600 video game in the linked movie post. Very odd.


Krajewski said...

I've played Temple of Apshai, but can't remember a single second of it. I still have Pitfall and Laser Blast patches somewhere. Some random 2600 things I recall include 'flipping' Asteroid, mastering the Superman game to where I could complete it in like 30 seconds, and being programmed to like 'Don't Stop Believin' thanks to it looping on the Journey: Escape game.

cbrown said...

That's a funny story about Satan's Hollow - I loved that game, but never had any old ladies doom my soul for playing it.