Monday, March 22, 2010

My Facebook Account. To Delete or Not Delete?

So,I've had a Facebook account for about a year and a half. It's great, I get to hit some of my close friends with some not-so-kind sarcastic jabs. I also get to post some impromptu movie reviews and talk about the books that I'm reading, which is more than likely boring to everyone on my friends list.

However, there are a couple things about Facebook that I find unsettling, which is making me question whether or not I should even have an account:

I'm sick. Sick I tell you. Of everyone clasping hands and singing Kumbayaa to each other on Facebook. 'You're kids are so beautiful.' 'I'm sending you a hug.' What happened to good old fashioned smart-ass sarcasm? I haven't seen it on Facebook. Even some of my friends, who are the biggest sarcastic assholes in the world, are as nice and mellow as little kittens. Frankly, this fakeness is beginning to wear on me.

It's been nice getting in touch with my childhood friends and seeing what they look like and what they've been up to. But, I'm a little uncomfortable sharing every single thing that I'm doing on the face of the planet with a guy (or girl) that I hung out with in first grade. People change. Ideas change. Stuff changes. Life changes. That first grader that I used to play Godzilla with could have turned into some sort of serial killer and, worse yet, a pedophile. Who knows!! I'm not Ashton Kutcher, I'm not trying to get a million friends so I can brag to the world. In fact, I'd prefer less friends. I tend to enjoy more discreet fireside chats compared to a megaphone on the steps of the State house.

Look I know you love your kids. I'm sure they're fantastic and great. But what is the necissity of tossing their picture up on your Facebook profile page. Sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it? It's your page, not your kids. Let's just stop the nonsense.

Look I'm a fan of showing off your kids. I think my kids are the cat's meow. But I'm rather hesitant tossing their photos up for the whole world to see (i.e. note the pedophile example above). I'm not saying that I'm famous, but I would hope to give my kids some sort of discretion prior to their teenage years. And, I'm not free of sin. Yes, I post photos of my children to my FLICKR account, but I'm now in the process of going back and protecting their images so just anybody can view them. My opinion is that these kids will have plenty of times to embarass themselves in grade school and high school. I'm going to try to avoid people 'finding' photos of my daughter in the bathtub for all the world to see. I dunno, that's just me.

This is simple. I don't care how many cows, chickens or cobs of corn you won in Farmville. Don't care. Don't want to know. Next.

Not sure, but it seems like Facebook is a place for everyone to one-up each other in the 'look what I'm doing now' department. Wow, you're at Yellowstone! You're in New York City sniffing coke in a bathroom? Cool! You're on a gay cruise with Rosi O'Donnell. Sweet! To be brutally honest, save my close circle of friends, I really don't care what everyone is doing. And, frankly, I don't feel like being jealous of all your exploits. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I'm thinking about deleting my account. Truth be told, I don't want people to know where I am and what I'm doing, save for about 20 of my closest friends.

Well, there you have it. My buddy at work made a New Year's resolution to delete his Facebook account on January 1, 2010. He waited a couple weeks. But he finally did it. I may follow suit. There's only so many hours during the day. And I prefer long writing in this blog more so than quick snippets of what movie's I've watched, what books I've read and what bar I'm currently drinking a 32 oz. Coors Light draft in. (BW3 in case you really care).

Truth be told. Facebook just isn't doing it for me. And, down the line, I think other people will slowly come to this realization as well.

So, if you want to get to know good old Brad, stop by this blog, or if I'm truly interested I may even send you an email. I'm 100% sure, you're going to get a lot more here than my Facebook account.


kitty said...

ugh -- I have one facebook friend who actually deletes my sarcastic comments!! she has gone as far as to delete the entire post I commented on...
at one point I got so irritated by her deleting every time I didn't just blow sunshine up her ass that I went through and deleted every comment I EVER made on any of her posts (that she didn't delete) haaa

then it looked like she was talking to herself - so she had to go through and delete all of those posts!! haaa

Anonymous said...

I just deleted your comment. So there. I suck.