Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maurice Sendak & Spike Jonze.

One of the very first thing's that I did after my daughter was born in 2006, was hop in my car, high-tail it to the bookstore and buy "Where The Wild Things Are."

I wanted to be sure that it was in her room before she got home.

In my opinion, it's one of the most amazing children's books ever.

Maurice Sendak reminds me of Cormac McCarthy. Obviously two different types of writers. But, like McCarthy, he chooses his words wisely - especially in this book. The punctuation, commas and pages are all calculated to create a truly remarkable experience.

In fact, when I'm chasing my kids around the house - my monster cry is a large roar followed by "We'll Eat You Up! We Love You So!" They absolutelty love it. It terrifies them to glee.

It's only eight words. But when tossed together, they form something truly magical.

That said, here's a promo for "Where the Wild Things Are' film with tidbits from Director Spike Jonze and Author Sendak, who I didn't even know was still alive.

It's 3:00, but worth the time to watch...

If you don't have this book in your collection, buy it now. Or I'll Eat You Up!


cbrown said...

Yeah, it shocked me that Maurice Sendak was alive too. Can't wait to see this one...

Mac said...

The trailer for this movie is great.