Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick Links: Camacho 4th of July Edition

Below are some thoughts, observations and links for your enjoyment before the Fourth of July Weekend.

  • BONUS POST: Remember the movie Pump Up The Volume with Christian Slater? Remember when he put that cool Beastie Boys track on and said "Now here's a song from my close personal buddies, the Beastie Boys...a song that was so controversial they couldn't put it on their first album." Well, click here to listen to The Scenario. Although not the best quality, it's still nice to find a jewel like this on the Internet.

  • After reading this link about early detection of Alzheimers, I thought to myself. If this test was sitting right in front of me, would I use it? I'm a constant worrier, so probably not.

  • If you like funky illustration, you'll like Mitch O'Connell's tattoo site!

  • Behold, the late, great Stan Winston and his 10 Greatest Creations. Personally, I would consider the special effects for The Thing as #1.

  • The only negative review of Pixar's WALL-E that I could find comes courtesy of comedian Michael Ian Black of Wet, Hot, American Summer, STELLA and THE STATE fame. Don't shoot me all you Pixar nerds, but I kind of agree with him.

  • One of my buddies sent me this picture of Stanley Kubrick on the set of his opus 2001: A Space Odyssey. Although I can't pinpoint exactly why, this photo is awesome.

  • I came across Tom Whalen's art while perusing If you're intrigued, check out his website His talent makes me jealous. And I usually don't get jealous over this type of stuff. Beautiful, beautiful artwork that I would be proud to hang on my wall. Or in my office. Or have sex with.

  • Want to try to capture the Loch Ness monster, but not so sure you want to travel to Scotland? Click here for an official Loch Ness webcam.

  • And finally, people have been posting this for a week or so now, but I thought Jerry Seinfeld's tribute to George Carlin in the The New York Times was outstanding. Well-written, tactful with a touch of humor, Seinfeld created a textbook example of how to write a eulogy: Tell a story. Make it personal. Make it funny. And end with a bang. I can only hope someone will write a eulogy this awesome for me.
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