Friday, June 6, 2008

Why I Love The 'Office Worker Goes Insane' Video

Check out the video below. This is absolutely the reason why humans shouldn't be working in little tiny offices under the flourescent lights. Either that, or this guy is just bat-shit crazy.

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane - Watch more free videos

Here are my favorite highlights (marked by the exact moment of impact)

This is what starts it all. One guy unknowingly knocks off the other guy's papers. Check out the dude's neck crane as he stares at him in absolute disgust. "What the fuck did you just do?"

The moment of impact. Only 18 seconds have passed but obviously the 'knocked off paper incident' was the straw the broke the camel's back for this guy. I simply love the folder slam on the head. AWESOME.

For no apparant reason, the guy completely goes berserk on his next-door neighbor co-worker by clearing the desk onto the victim. Sweet move by the way.

This takes some major balls. Picking up your computer monitor and hurling it an unsuspecting female co-worker. Check out the impact.

Then the guy just starts picking up his papers like nothing happened.

Obviously the dude behind him said something to tick him off because, once again, there go the papers back on the floor. DING DING ROUND TWO!!

Now who out there wouldn't want to grab some dickhead co-worker's office trophy and kick the shit out of a monitor with it? It's floated around my mind a couple times.

Another monitor hurl. No victim this time.

Around this time, you see that the dude's grabbing his head and rubbing his face. Obviously the wiring has gone all out of wack. He's gone.

I like to imagine that he's saying 'Fucking stupid cubicles. I hate em!'

Straight out of Office Space. Kick the fucking printer's ass! Kick it!

When I saw the security guy walk in through the door to the right I thought to myself, "This guy is going to get his ass kicked." But no! Watch how effortlessly he slides the chair over and, in a quick motion, grabs the lamp from the guy and tosses him on his ass. Then he puts the lamp down so calm, cool and collected like this shit happens every freaking day. I'm convinced this security guy should get a raise.

But the crazy dude gets the guard in the end. Hurling some sort of foreign object to his face. Lucky for the security guy that he backed up just in time. He just missed getting pegged by a piece of cubicle wall.

At this time, check out the guy in the far right, he's videotaping the incident. Screw helping. He wants to get his 15 minutes of fame on (which he did by the way, click here)

Check out the guy to the left, who's ushering a client of some sort past the crazy man, who - in turn - hightails it all the way out the door to the right. "Honey, you'll never guessed what happened at this guy's office. Oh, you saw it on"

"Okay Denny (that's what I imagine his name being). You've had your fun. Come down off the desk and let's talk this out over a cup of coffee."

"One, two, three, let's get him!"

Check out the stance of the guy recording the action on his cellphone. He's a regular cinematographer. 'Thanks for the help, pal.'

After getting the guy on the ground. One of the office workers goes over to touch the guy. And he starts flipping up and down like a fish on a boat.

Whew. Amazing video, eh? Funny. Funny. Stuff. I don't know about you, but this video made my year.

I think I've watched it more than 10 times already.

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