Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahhhhh.....Spring Break.

Yep, it’s that time of year...

Spring Break.

I already know what makes men tick. But, I'm curious what makes women so giddy and excited when they go on Spring Break?

I'm pretty sure it's the same thing...but with reservations.

I was talking to my girlfriend about Spring Break. We both went into exhaustive details about our various college Spring Breaks.

The conversation ended and, all of a sudden, the room got eerily quiet.

I glanced over at my girlfriend and she was deep in thought, staring into the unknown with this big smile on her face.

My guess is she was thinking about all the guys she banged on Spring Break.

And it’s not just her. I’ve talked to many professional women (lawyers, doctors, graphic designers, accountants, managers, etc.) about Spring Break and they all get this whimsical, nostalgic look on their faces.

Again, what makes women so giddy and excited when they go on Spring Break?

I think its a number of things, but mainly it has something to do with getting crazy in front of a bunch of guys they’ll never see again.

She’s from Ohio. He’s from Texas. “Who cares,” she says. “I’ll bang him nine different ways. I’m never going to see him again!”

She’s from Ohio. He’s from Ohio. SCREEEECH. “No way,” she says. “There’s too crazy of a chance I’ll see him at a Cleveland Indians game and he’ll start pointing me out to his friends.”

On my various Spring Break adventures, I’ve met women who were high school valedictorians, band girls, pre-med students and, even, a woman who was going to be a nun (just kidding).

And, guess what? They were all crazy during Spring Break.

I don't know how they were at their various colleges around the country. But down here in the sun, they all gave it up. Well, at least, in some way or form.

Remember the movie The Perfect Storm? It's about this boating crew stranded out in the Atlantic and bombarded by three different storms coming together to form the craziest storm a meteorologist ever could imagine. Well, that’s Spring Break for these girls. I like to call it The Perfect Orgy or Hardbodies (which, by the way, is a great movie!)

Hey Ladies. Here's a college equation for you...
Away from the parents + Away from prying eyes x Warm sun / Alchoholic beverages = a handful of women ready to let off some steam, have some fun and bang some guys.

Hey, you're not going to see me complaining. Like I said before, I love Spring Break.

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