Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mr. Skin's Top Movie Nude Scenes of 2007

If you're a big fan of Howard Stern, you know who Mr. Skin is. If you don't, well, then you're not living!

In a nutshell, Mr. Skin and his passionate staff at comb the silver screen for cleavage, undies and nudie shots of both men and women. In fact, if you become a member of his site, he'll tell you the exact time (to the second) of each nude shot in almost every movie there is, even Hellen Mirren before she won an Academy Award for The Queen!

In addition, it's a great source for settling bets. For instance, if you're arguing with someone that Demi Moore appeared topless waaaaaaaay before the Burt Reynolds clunker Striptease. Check out Mr. Skin to find out and win your cash. (The answer is YES and it was in the Michael Caine comedy Blame It On Rio before her booby surgery).

That said, Mr. Skin just released his Top 20 Movie Nude Scenes of 2007. To be honest, I'm surprised Natalie Portman didn't finish No. 1. In fact, I was so excited for her nude scene in Wes Anderson's short Hotel Chevalier, that I wrote about it right here.

Although I haven't seen Marissa Tomei or Keeley Hazell in their roles. I'm sure there must be some pretty good stuff to see! I'll be honest, I haven't even seen all the movies on the list (I've highlighted them in red), which makes me want to go update my Netflix cache.

Other personal notables for me include Sienna Miller in Factory Girl (I hear they actually had sex in the movie for realism), Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan and Lena Headey in 300. I was also turned on by the kick-ass sex scenes of Michelle Borth and Sonya Walger in the HBO drama Tell Me You Love Me, which didn't make the list. Obviously because it's a TV series.

One warning. Don't be fooled by Ashley Judd in Bug. Yeah, she's totally nude. But she plays a dirty, white-trash lady with no make-up and scratches all over her body. In a way, it's sort of disgusting.

Here's the list. Enjoy. Be sure to print it out and take it with you to Blockbuster for your next rental, you pervs.

1. Marissa Tomei - Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
2. Keeley Hazell - Cashback
3. Natalie Portman - Hotel Chevalier
4. Christina Ricci - Black Snake Moan
5. Sienna Miller - Factory Girl
6. Roselyn Sanchez - Yellow
7. Malin Ackerman - The Heartbreak Kid
8. Eva Mendes - We Own the Night
9. Lena Headey - 300
10. Stormy Daniels and Nautica Thorne - Knocked Up
11. Alexa Davalos - Feast of Love
12. Chelan Simmons - Good Luck Chuck
13. Wei Tang - Lust, Caution
14. Ashley Judd - Bug
15. Olivia Wilder - Alpha Dog

16. Ana Claudia Talancon - Alone With Her
17. Danielle Harris - Halloween
18. Heather Matarazzo - Hostel: Part II
19. Amber Valetta - The Last Time
20. Lucy Liu - Blood Hunter


Mockarena said...

It's also not actually Ashley Judd. She had a body double for Bug, because her husband doesn't want her doing nude scenes anymore.

Your Finest Eimer said...

I don't know. The scene at the end when they both stripped down, sat on the ground and blew up the hotel. It sure looked like Ashley's Judds to me. It was a full shot with her face. I'll have to take a second look at the footage just to be sure. Or, hey, I'll check out Mr. Skin!