Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's Talk About The Ho's.

I fired up my computer today and came across this story on Yahoo news concerning Santa Claus and his "Ho, Ho, Hos".

And no, I'm not talking about the Hostess goodies with Devil's Food Cake and Creamy Filling, the silky lingerie that women put on their legs or even the gardening tool we've all used in the backyard.

Instead, I'm referring to what Doughboy referred to the ladies as in Boyz in Tha Hood. I'm talking about what Snoop Dog calls all of his bitches (oops, women). I'm referring to the above cartoon.

I'm talking about the ho's, mutha fucka. The ho's.

As it turns out, Santas in Sydney Australia, have been told to not use Santa's traditional catchphrase to the world - "HO HO HO" - because it may be offensive to women, in particular prostitutes.

Instead they've been instructed to say "ha ha ha", the Daily Telegraph reported.

I mean what household is going to keep saying the word "ho" so much that it will warp a kids's mind into thinking, every Christmas, Santa Claus is yelling "Prostitute, Prostitute, Prostitute" at the top of his lungs?

Erp, don't answer that.

"Son. Daughter, gather round," I'm going to say to my kids. "Your mother and I have thought really hard about this and, instead of referring to women as Ma'am, Lady, Grandma, Mom, Mother, Mrs, Ms or Miss, we want you to call them ho's instead. Got that? Now run along."

Seriously though. We're already being told to not say "Merry Christmas" because we'll piss of other religions. Instead, we have to say "Happy Holidays". Blech. On a personal note, when someone says "Happy Holidays" to me, I make it a point to say "Merry Christmas" as loud as I possibly can just to piss them off.

And now you're telling me that our Santas aren't even allowed to call a bitch a "ho" three times fast? Fuck that shit.

This stupid conservative PC world just gotten a little more PC. I guess the joke is on all of us.

Ha! Ha! Ha! indeed.


The Dude said...

To comment on your thoughts on Christmas: Have you heard about the "family trees" that Lowe's is selling this year?

Your Finest Eimer said...

Thanks Dude!

For Lowe's to rename Christmas Trees 'Family Trees' is craziness! I would never, ever apologize. I can't believe this shit. Man, am I getting angry!