Friday, July 13, 2007

Queer as Folk

I was at Blockbuster a couple of weeks ago and decided to pick up a copy of Queer As Folk.

Not really my cup of tea. But let me tell you this, after watching a couple episodes, I’m now saying the word ‘fag’ a lot.

An old lady pulls into my lane on the highway. I call her a fag.

My two dogs want to go outside. I call them fags.

After I'm talking to my mom on the phone. I'll say "Talk to you later, fag."

It’s weird, because I never really said that word before.

Sure, if I saw my buddy shopping at Macy’s and he gets out of the car with two big bags of clothes, I’ll say something like "Where you been shoppin’ fag?"

And if someone says they like Boy George or Wham! I say, "Man, you’re such a fag." Or if I’m camping, I’ll yell to my buddy "Hey, put another fag on the fire." But that’s about it.

I rented this other movie called Boyz in tha Hood. Don't know much about it, but I'm going to watch it tonight.

Who knows what crazy words I'll pick up from that movie.

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