Thursday, July 12, 2007

The games men play ... in their minds.

Sometimes when I drive home from work and it's a nice, sunny day I like to play this game I thought's called BALLING.

Here's the premise: From the time you pull out of your work parking lot to the time you pull into your driveway at home, you have to pick three women to have sex with along the way.


  • ALL WOMEN COUNT, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE WITHIN YOUR SIGHT RANGE. They can be walking outside or in a car next to you or even nibbling on a little sandwich at the local coffee shop, but you can only pick three.

  • NO MEMORY PICKS. Even though you might want to , you can't be thinking disgusting, filthy thoughts of a fellow office worker and count that as one of your picks. Imagination is not an option in this game.

  • THEY HAVE TO BE LIVING AND BREATHING. You can't pick women that are on billboards, ads or on the side of a bus. But say you stop by the funeral home on your way home? I say go for it. But do you really want to spend one of your picks on a dead corpse?

  • YOU CAN'T TRADE IN YOUR PICKS. The beauty of this game is that, once you pick a woman, your stuck with that pick. You can't choose two ladies while you're driving through downtown and then 'accidentally' drive through a college campus and just happen to drive by the women's cross country team. You can't toss those first two picks and then pick three girls from the team, that's reneging on your picks and your disqualified! Maybe you shouldn't have been so greedy downtown. Hmmm?

  • YOU MUST PICK THREE WOMEN BEFORE YOU GET IN YOUR DRIVEWAY. This is the most important rule of the game because if you don't pick three women - all previous picks are disqualified and you have to fuck the first guy you see after you get out of your car.

Have fun gaming! And remember, the cool thing about BALLING is that YOU WIN every time.


Anonymous said...

When I looked at the woman in the photo, at first I thought, eww. Then I viewed it at a larger size and moved her to the 'do her' category.
One down. BANGED 'ER!

cbrown said...

she sort of looks like a cross between Leona Helmsley and Loni Anderson